Other Services


At Jeevan, we have developed training programs for effective writing of medical and scientific documents including manuscripts, abstracts, posters, oral presentations, and medical slide sets. These training courses enable you to effectively write publication-worthy documents. These courses are conducted at Jeevan premises by well-qualified physicians and scientists who have extensive writing experience. At the end of each course, the participants are able to understand and gain a range of relevant practical writing skills.

Publication plan development

Jeevan helps you to develop successful publication planning which is the key to successful marketing strategy of any pharmaceutical product. This planning help study sponsors ensure that clinical trial results are communicated by presentation or publication to the scientific and medical community in an effective and timely manner. They can also enable sponsors to identify the timelines and resources necessary to meet their obligations for reporting and publishing clinical trial results. Depending on the needs and requirements, we manage and maintain major programs with hundreds of publications to publication plans for just one single drug across many clinical trials.

Graphic support

Jeevan provides exclusive graphic support which includes creation of complex graphs (using Sigma Plot, Prism, Excel, and any other industry-standard software) for documents and presentations. Our expert graphic designers also create poster layouts and mini handouts in compliance with international congress guidelines.

Literature search

Jeevan provides literature search services which include detailed and organized, step by step search for all the material available on a topic. It includes search and inclusion of relevant articles from several medical databases like Index Medicus, Web of Science, EMBASE, CAB, Cochrane, etc.

Formatting of medical documents, tables and graphs

Jeevan provides exclusive formatting services where our specialized staff helps you to format the document as per the customer requirements or international guidelines.

Quality reviews

Our well-trained and experienced reviewers provide quality assurance and quality control for all documents developed within Jeevan. We also provide this service for documents prepared externally by client if requested. This quality assurance service includes writing quality and data integrity reviews. We can also manage other quality reviews, like medical and statistical reviews, if requested.

Editing and review

Jeevan provides exclusive editorial services to clients. Our editors are experienced and highly qualified in editing all types of documents including manuscripts, book chapters, abstracts, posters, oral presentations, slide kits, medical letters, and all regulatory documents. We also compare and do proofreading of the final draft and the page proofs.

Compliance with Good Publication Practice (GPP2)

Jeevan helps individuals and organizations to maintain ethical practices and comply with current requirements as outlined by the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals, when they contribute to the communication of medical research sponsored by companies. These guidelines apply to peer-reviewed journal articles and presentations at scientific congresses.

Journal submission assistance

We provide assistance to individuals and companies for submission of documents for publication in peer-reviewed journals or congresses as per the guidelines and template.

Hyperlinking of references in a variety of documents

Hyperlinking of references is an exclusive service which is provided on request on all types of documents where references need to be readily accessible.

Metrics/Database management

Jeevan provides reporting and metric services based on data provided by the clients to improve efficiency in information planning, management, and distribution of the data available to all pertinent parties.